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Hi there! I’m Gail Abundo! Most days you’ll find me flirting with my husband, chasing after my kids, working online, busy with a church activity or friend or watching the Hallmark channel! When I’m not busy with any of those things, I absolutely LOVE sharing my passion for health and wellness with Young Living Oils. […]

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Bethany Gail Abundo

Hello Friends! Welcome to my page! I started using essential oils after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I wanted to find healthy alternatives to help with sleep, stress and an overall way to help keep myself and family above the wellness line. I have found so many uses for Young Living essential oils/products and they […]

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Regina Allen

Hi there, I am Danielle Andaya, but most people call me Dani. I am a mom of four wonderful girls. Between them, two dogs and a husband, (he’s an awesome guy) my life is filled with noise, chaos and beauty. Most days you can find me homeschooling my girls, running my business and doing this […]

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Danielle Andaya

Welcome friends! My name is Alex and I am so excited to share all the goodness that comes with Young Living essential oils! I had tried other brands of essential oils in previous years and didn’t understand what all the hype was about. I couldn’t smell them when I diffused them and I didn’t experience […]

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Alexandra Anderson

Most days you can find me spending time with my amazing husband, Bryce and our sweet doggy, Haygen. You can usually find me surfing Pinterest for wedding inspiration or in the kitchen trying to learn to be the Pioneer Woman. I am mostly known for my crazy organization skills (yes, it’s my hobby) and I’m also a […]

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Sarah Beavers

Hey there, I’m Melodi! Most days you can find me either working out, relaxing at home, reading a book, or at the movies. People often refer to me as energetic, loyal, and loving. I love serving the world by sharing the Good News that is Jesus and encouraging friends and family to be healthy. The […]

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Find out how millions of homes have been transformed using essential oils and the many benefits of getting toxins out of their home.  What harm are toxins actually doing to your body? Let's find out.  Listen in now.