Thank you so much for joining our Oil Lounge & Co. Community! We're so happy to welcome you to our OLC family!  Our business is rooted in faith, family, friendship — and the wholehearted service of others. Beyond website customization, we hope to provide our members with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose as they begin a new season in their business.

Here, we've curated resources exclusively for you.
At Oil Lounge & Co. we are dedicated to your success. We've carefully created and curated a collection of resources and videos to help you succeed. Crafting your site does require some learning, so we encourage you to have patience and to carefully review the resource and video library below. Please review our resource and video library in full, prior to customizing your design. By doing so, you'll have a well-rounded understanding of how to utilize your page and can begin customizing your design with purpose and confidence. 

Please know, your path is up to you.
While our resources, videos, and recommendations have been created to help you successfully use your new online home, please know, your journey is entirely up to you. Our sincere hope is for you to feel supported, encouraged, and guided through customizing your design - no matter what stage your Young Living business is in.  

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✓ About Me section

Notable Areas on the Website

Oil Lounge & Company Training Video

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Two available areas for you to build trust with your visitor.  This is key in the purchasing process.

✓ Recipes & passion products

Sharing your knowledge with visitors adds value and allows visitors to see how they can utilize products in their own lives.

✓ Email list integration

Email lists are ESSENTIAL to client relationship building.  This will be a HUGE communication piece to your business.

✓ live instagram feed

Having a social media following is another great way to keep your relationship going no matter whether they are about t be members or already a part of your team.

New video will be added here soon!  

Resources for Success

we've carefully curated all of the resources you will need

Gather your website content and compose your website copywriting with purpose and strategy, using our Website Content and Copywriting Guide.



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Before you hunker down to customize your Oil Lounge site, use our Getting Started Checklist to be sure you have everything you need to succeed. 


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Once you have gathered your website content and planned out your copy you are ready to fill out your form to submit your site to be composed by our team!  Click below to get started.

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Within our customer Facebook Community, you'll receive personal support from the OLC team. We'll be available Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm EST.

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Receive exclusive access to our member Facebook Community, reserved for the OLC community. Receive support and guidance, or ask for feedback about your site!


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Send this digital PDF to your new members and get them the information they crave.  Get them to open and actually start using their brand new Premium Starter Kit!


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As a bonus to your membership we will supply you with exclusive blog content that will help you keep your mindset level, and your business growing.

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Keep your page up to date and fresh with our Modification Forms.  You submit your changes and our team will get them done for you.

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Change your credit card on file, upgrade or downgrade your membership, see your invoices and logout of your membership area from your Account page.


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plan with intention and get consistent with your business

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The Essential Oil Business Organizer has helped hundreds of distributors gain control over their business.  The days of working at random is over. With the OLC Business Organizer you will be able to print out only the sheets you need when you need it.  It is time to get to work.  Your business has been waiting for it.

Being intentional with your time and keeping track of the things that matter in your business

Essential Oil Business Organizer

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